Embracing Chaos and Finding Balance: New Release by Jas Rolyn

With a nod to the confounding thoughts that occasionally take over and leave us in a chokehold, in his latest release “Balance”, Jas Rolyn unravels the threads of anxiety and sings about embracing chaos and finding Balance.

Resilience in the face of uncertainty 💪🏼

“Balance” talks about moving forward amid feeling surrounded by darkness. It reflects our resilience when we’re faced with uncertainty. The lyrics capture the disarray of the deep nasty thoughts that sometimes plague our minds—the very thoughts that cause us confusion, distress, and anxiety. The song carries the essence of acknowledging these thoughts while moving ahead, knowing that you’ll be fine no matter what’s thrown at you.

Balance, penned by Jas Rolyn himself, captures how his mind swiftly transitions from joy and peace and tranquility to introspection and restlessness. These emotional shifts mirror the mood-swings that we all encounter from time to time. As someone who experiences mood-swings himself, Jas wanted to ensure that the lyrics conveyed exactly what he feels and goes through. The way he thinks of it is, it may feel like you’re drowning in your own thoughts or like you’re losing yourself yet again, but believe in yourself and believer that you will pull through even if it all seems hopeless..

A call to action... ✨

“Balance” is more than just a musical piece—it’s a narrative. A narrative that urges us to recognize our inner battles, embrace vulnerability, and ultimately find harmony within the dissonance of existence.

How to support the release?

There are different ways you can support an artist and their work, and this does not always include money. 🤑

You can support Balance by Jas Rolyn by buying the track on iTunes or simply by streaming it on any of the music streaming platforms like Spotify and Youtube Music amongst others. You can also support the track by using it for your Instagram reels and TikTok videos.

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