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Stained Beauty is a queer-owned brand that is all about celebrating creativity, travel, LGBT+, and lifestyle. 
Our mission is to be a brand built on love and a community which celebrates diversity and creativity. We also care about sustainability, and having our products produced on demand helps us to be more eco-friendly.
On our blog, you can read about various topics. We mainly write about lifestyle and self-care topics, empowerment, LGBT+ and travel. We know how powerful the internet is, for this reason, we do our utmost to use our platform to share positivity and content that can empower our readers.
On the other hand, through our online shop you will find a diverse selection of products. From sweatshirts and tees to stunning home decorations. All products sold are designed by Stained Beauty with products being produced in various production centers around the globe. New and unique products are continuously being designed and added to our catalogue.
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Jas Rolyn, born in Malta on October 14th, 1998, is a skilled photographer, graphic designer, singer-songwriter & videographer. With an unbridled passion for travel and sharing his art, the multi-talented creative force is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world.
As the founder of Stained Beauty, he’s passionate about designing and curating stunning collections of products, from clothing to home decor that reflect his unique vision and artistic flair. Stained Beauty also gives him a space where he can share his experiences and help empower others.
The ultimate goal for Stained Beauty is to develop it into a full-fledged brand, complete with a creative magazine and other exciting offerings.

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