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Celebrating Carnival In Malta

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Hey everyone, welcome to my channel! This past weekend we celebrated carnival in my home country Malta.
Here is a recap of what my carnival looked like, and further down in this post, I’ll be sharing with you some info about carnival in Malta – just in case you find your way here during next year’s carnival.
If you haven’t already noticed from the number of feasts celebrated in Malta, Maltese people like to party and celebrate at every chance they get, and Carnival (Maltese: il-Karnival ta’ Malta) is exactly that – a massive colourful party – spread over 5 days.
It has been celebrated since at least the mid-15th century and it’s a part of Malta’s cultural calendar.
Carnival is held during the week leading up to Ash Wednesday, and it usually includes dancing competitions, a parade of artistic floats, marching bands and plenty of late-night costume parties amongst other types of celebrations.

Opening Ceremony

The main carnival celebrations all happen in Malta’s historical capital city, Valletta.
On Friday, there is opening ceremony, where you’ll see various competitive dancing companies, followed by the Carnival King Float, Grotesque Masks, and other colourful artistic floats.

Children's Carnival

Many kids eagerly await this time of year, I mean, who doesn’t like going out dressed up as a princess or Spiderman?
During the 5-day celebration, Saturday is dedicated to the young kids. There are several competitions for them to compete in, and honestly, it’s heart-warming seeing young kids in the sweetest of costumes.
Several dancing competitions are held throughout the day, followed by a small defilé with the participation of the King Carnival Float, and other artistic floats.

Carnival in Nadur, Gozo

Although this isn’t officially a part of the carnival celebrations, it’s very quickly becoming a tradition. During carnival, thousands catch the ferry to go to Nadur, a town in Gozo, where carnival is celebrated with a bit of a darker twist.

Carnival in Gozo is mostly notable for its risqué and appalling themes. Revellers tend to wear more gruesome costumes, while others make a fool of political figures.

How do you celebrate carnival in your country? Let me know in the comments section below! 😊


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