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Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel! I so excited to share this video with you all.
Earlier this month, I did a stunning photoshoot and many of you messaged me regarding my makeup look. After receiving several messages complimenting the photos and the makeup work, I thought to my self… Why not do a video about it?!
I like to start my makeup by applying moisturiser. I think this step is very important as it will help the makeup to stay longer, and it will make it look less cakey. It will help you apply the foundation and concealer more evenly and it gives you a less dull look as well
After applying the moisturiser, it’s time to apply the foundation. At the moment, I don’t really have a favourite foundation that I use. I usually just buy cheap foundations from a drugstore and mix them in order to match my skin, as I never really found a ‘perfect match’. Also, in summer my skin usually changes drastically and gets much darker. So drugstore makeup is a lifesaver sometimes!
Next in line is the concealer. I usually use the concealer to contour my face and I apply it under my eyes, over my cheekbones and top lip, on my forehead, and chin.
If you are using a Beauty Blender to blend your makeup, make sure that you wet it!
By contouring, you can define your face structure and highlight the best parts of your face. If you master the art that contouring is, you’ll be able to enhance your facial features whilst putting a shadow on other parts that you are not so eager for people to see.I like to contour in a way to make my cheekbones appear a bit higher than they actually are.
I find eyeshadow very fun to apply. I also feel that your eyeshadow can make or break your look, so it’s important to have a good quality eyeshadow palette. I am currently obsessing over a new eyeshadow palette by REVOLUTION PRO which I bought from the recently opened shop LUCY: Make Up Store.
For this specific look, I wanted something simple and sexy, so I used 4 different colours; SAINT, RINGLEADER, RICOCHET and NEW DAY.
First, I applied the colour ‘RINGLEADER’ above my eyelids. Then, I applied ‘RICOCHET’ just on the outer part to give it a darker edge. I used ‘SAINT’ — which is basically white eyeshadow — for the inner corners of my eyes, and ‘NEW DAY’ on the eye lids.
Next, we have the part which I whole-heartedly hate… The eyeliner.
There are times when I manage to get the eyeliner on perfectly in just a matter of minutes. Other times, I feel like a complete idiot for the fact that I’d still be trying to put on the liner after my 10th try!
For this look I only used a liquid eyeliner on the top eyelid, and I did not apply pencil liner to the bottom lid.
I think this next part is one of my favourite parts in applying makeup.
Last year, I went to Paris with my best friend to shoot a music video (you can read all about it here!) and she introduced me to Barry M Cosmetics’ Illuminating Highlighter Palette. This highlighter palette immediately became my absolute favourite and I have been using it ever since.
This is something that everyone applies differently and according to their preference and style. I like to go over my natural eyebrows to give them a more solid look. After applying the brow liner, I like to go over my brows with a Spoolie brush.
For this look I didn’t want to have bold and dramatic lips, so I opted for a semi-transparent lip gloss to give my lips a bit more colour and a whole lot of shine.
No one wants to have their making running all over their face, so it’s super important to use a setting spray. This step is essential for your makeup to hold in place and stay for longer, especially if you are an active person.
I like to apply my mascara after applying the setting spray. I’ve heard wayyy too many stories of people messing up their makeup cause they apply mascara before setting spray, and I ain’t having that! Not after I spent a whole hour doing my face. It’s a big no-no! 😅
After everything is done, I apply my mascara and Voila, I’m done!
If you have any suggestions about what video I should do next, just leave a comment in the comment section below! 🥰
I really hope you enjoyed my video and blog post, and if you haven’t done yet, don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channels and blog! ❤️

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