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Hey everyone! I would like to start by thanking everyone for the continous support!
Although I have recently released Bittersweet and Side Boy, Worthless is my very first solo release since I started performing under the new name Jas Rolyn.
For Worthless, I had the opportunity to work with Shamus Musik – an incredibly talented producer from Canada. I am incredibly thankful that we crossed paths and got to work together.
Writing the song
I initially started writing Worthless at a point when I was feeling frustrated with the world. I was going through something personal which left me feeling quite hopeless. Writing this was my way of processing the situation I was in.
After I finished writing the song, I sent a demo of the song to Shamus Musik, a producer who I got to know online through facebook groups.
As soon as I sent him the song, he immediately liked it and started working on the production. He gave it this completely new modern sound that complimented my composition so nicely — my heart dropped the first time I heard it.
The emotional lyrics reflect how we sometimes feel worthless and as if nothing is important anymore. It also reflects on the everyday life as well as the mood swings that many have experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. The restrictions may sometimes make you feel claustrophobic, and the ever-changing situation makes everything feel uncertain.
Putting the pandemic situation aside, Worthless also speaks about how it is during the storm that we realise who the true friends truly are. Not everyone who is there for you through the hard times wants you to get through it and move on and be better. Some people just get off other people’s pain.
For the music video, I wanted to create something artistic and different from what I did in the past. The video features four different scenes, and every scene expresses a different story.
One of the scenes was shot in a park. I wanted this scene to portray a sense of delicateness and vulnerability. The other three scenes were all shot in the same location, however, the apparel was different in all.
A scene featured an all white outfit to represent and reflect the good and light, whilst in the other scene I wore an all black outfit to represent the darkness and struggles. Lastly, the remaining scene featured a bright blue blazer and an edgy makeup look which to me represented strength, rebelliousness and determination.
A special thank you goes to my good friend Nathan Falzon, who assisted me with the filming of the music video.
Streaming and Sharing = Support
To all my friends, followers and anyone who might be reading this, if you like my music and would like to support me, all you have to do is stream and share my work.I thank you all yet again for taking the time to read this post, and I truly hope that you love this release as much as I do! ❤️

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