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Uganda’s Extremist Law & Global LGBT+ Challenges

Whilst some countries pride themselves in being progressive and open to acceptance toward people who are diverse, there are still many countries which are not safe for the LGBT+ community. With Uganda’s extremist law and other global challenges targeting the LGBT+ community, the internet has been on a full frenzy. Uganda’s New Law: Lawmakers in Uganda have approved one of the world’s harshest and most extreme anti-LGBT+ laws, with some crimes now punishable by death. Whilst homosexuality was criminalised back in 2014, this legislation further cracks down on LGBT+ people and criminalises simply identifying as LGBT+, making their living conditions even more difficult, despite their already existing persecution and discrimination. Media groups, journalists and publishers as well as any individuals or institutions which support or fund LGBT+ rights’ activities or organisations, or publish, broadcast and/or distribute literature or any content that advocates for gay rights, also face prosecution and imprisonment. The rising global tide of anti-LGBTI+ sentiment is coordinated and strategic, driven by hate-filled misinformation, and requires a collective effort to fight against. The legislation has been criticised by Amnesty International, the UK and US governments, and gay rights activists, who argue that the bill will institutionalise discrimination and prejudice against the LGBT+ community. The bill will now go to President Yoweri Museveni, who can veto it or sign it into law Global Challenges The lawmakers behind the extremist anti-LGBT+ law are not the only ones fighting against the community. In the US alone, more than 400 anti-LGBT+ laws have been introduced to state in the first three months of 2023. In the recent years, around a third of Poland’s territory have adopted declarations proclaiming their freedom from “LGBT ideology”. In Egypt, homosexuality is highly stigmatised, and there have long been allegations that police are hunting LGBT+ people online. Supporting the LGBT+ community Irrelevant whether you are part of the LGBT+ community, live in an unaffected part or in a completely different country, please do take the time to speak out and voice your support towards your fellow LGBT+ members. In order to truly support and aid in the fight towards a better and safer future for the community, one must first educate themselves. Read about the history, struggles, and achievements. Stand up against discrimination and speak out against hate speech. Listen to and support LGBT+ friends and family members, and be an ally in their struggles for equality. Lastly, educate others about LGBT+ issues and how to be a supportive ally. Spread awareness and encourage others to take action to promote equality. Sign up for our newsletter and never miss a post! Don’t worry we won’t spam your inbox. 💖 Follow Us: Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Pinterest Youtube

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