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A Trip To Toulouse: The Pink City

Trending Today Met Gala 2023: A Mesmerizing Night of Beauty & Fashion 10 Motivational Quotes To Keep You Positive Uganda’s Extremist Law & Global LGBT+ Challenges Top 5 European Destinations To Visit In Summer 2023 Booking.com Toulouse, also know as La Ville Rose (‘The Pink City’) is the capital of France’s southern Occitanie region. The pink city takes its nickname due to the bricks used in many of its buildings. Toulouse is a wonderful city to visit and it has a lot to offer and it can all be seen on foot! Toulouse is also known for its rich culinary culture and you should not leave the city before trying the Toulouse sausage! Within this post you shall find some tips and information about places to visit and where to eat! Since I adore food, I shall start with that! Content Timeline: Food & Drinks Places to visit & Photo spots Gardens Home is where the heart is: Food & Drinks Wherever I travel, one of the most important factors for me is food. What’s good about Toulouse is that you will find all sorts of food here. From local French cuisine to Japanese and Indian cuisine amongst others, you’re in for plenty of options. 1. Le Café Cerise   View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lecafecerise (@lecafecerise)   Le Café Cerise is the first on my list and this is for a reason. This chic and cozy Café is situated right in front of Pont Neuf and is an excellent place to enjoy an exquisite brunch (if you’re vegan, they have options for you too!) or a cup of coffee. It is worth mentioning that all the coffees on the menu are roasted on site. This place is very busy and sometimes queuing is needed, however you don’t need to que for long and the wait is most definitely worth it. The staff are super friendly and very welcoming and I had the pleasure of visiting this establishment twice during my trip. I was very happy with the food and the service on both occasions. 2. FUFU Ramen Japanese Noodle Bar   View this post on Instagram A post shared by FUFU Ramen (@_fufuramen)   Second on my list is FUFU Ramen Japanese Noodle Bar. The food here is 100% authentic and so is the experience. You can either order and eat on one of the tables, otherwise you can eat right on the bar in front of the open kitchen. If you would like to visit this awesome diner, I would suggest you to book in advance as you might find a bit of a queue as there are very limited spaces. 3. Le Wallace Café   View this post on Instagram A post shared by Wallace Café (@wallace_cafe_toulouse)     View this post on Instagram A post shared by Wallace Café (@wallace_cafe_toulouse)   In the heart of the pink city, you can find Le Wallace Café, perched on one of the most stunning squares around. A true hotspot for the in-crowd, this establishment boasts an expansive south-facing terrace. Here you can soak up the sun while sipping on cocktails and nibbling on originally tasty tapas. With its modern and stunning decor, Le Wallace is the perfect place to start your evening off right – or to keep it going well into the night. I’ve got to say that the ambience here at night is quite nice and magical. Booking.com 4. La Réserve   View this post on Instagram A post shared by La Reserve (@lareservetoulouse)   Previous image Next image If maybe you are after trying out some good local beer and wine, someplace which is different than the usual modern venues, La Réserve might be your thing! The theme and atmosphere here is like being on top of a mountain. Furthermore, the food served is seasonal, so the menus may change with time. During my trip back in December, they had a cute food truck right outside their establishment serving the most delicious local sausages served and Christmas wine (a.k.a mulled wine). I instantly surrendered myself to the smell of the cooking sausages which you could smell from meters away, and let me tell you what, not disappointed at all! 🤤🌭 Other Mentions: Aside from the above places, I’ll be listing some other establishments that are worth mentioning – some of which I have not necessarily visited myself during my trip but other people who were there seemed to go crazy for. 1. Art Tea Shop: This tea shop is a cute little place situated in a lovely part of Toulouse. Its artistic vibe is very distinct and differentiates it from other tea shops in the area. I did have the opportunity to grab a quick snack (vegan snacks were also available) and a coffee. 2. Au Jardin Des Thés: This place reminded me of the stereotypical fancy tea shops you see in movies. With a diverse and vast options of teas and it’s stunning flowery decorations, I think it’s a lovely place to stop for a few minutes. 3. Les Frères Chapelier – Boulangerie Bio Artisanale – CAPITOLE: If you would love to buy some fresh bread right from a bakery, make sure to make a quick stop at this place! 4. Café Brûlé: Last on my list is Café Brûlé, a lovely and cozy establishment serving only plant-based food. Here you’ll find from savoury pancakes with scrambled tofu to granola bowls and mac n cheez. Booking.com Places to visit in Toulouse Now that I’ve covered the food and drinks, I’m moving on to locations you should consider visiting during your stay. 1. Pont Neuf & Pont Saint-Pierre Dôme de la Grave and Pont Saint-Pierre in Toulouse, France Located in possibly the most scenic part of Toulouse, you’ll find the Pont-Neuf. A stunning bridge which spans over the Garonne River. This bridge is an important part of Toulouse as it is the oldest bridge in the city. The bridge was built

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