Finding Your Space & Calming Your Anxiety

Finding Your Space & Calming Your Anxiety
Finding Your Space & Calming Your Anxiety: Finding the calmness within brings with it a tranquility like nothing else. This sometimes means stepping away from things or people that build tension or spread negativity in your life. Just like you cannot run as fast with weights on your back, you cannot be your best self possible if you’re chained to the darkness around you.

People, Their Energy and Intentions:

Everyone around you carries their own personal energy and intentions. Sometimes, we find ourselves surrounded by people who don’t necessarily have the best intentions at heart. These sort of people usually like to take-take-take, but never give too much of what’s theirs. They are always there when they need you, but they’re nowhere to be seen as soon it gets a little inconvenient.
These people tend to leave somewhat of a void in us — a feeling of loneliness. If this is the case and you find yourself around people who you’re not really happy around, who look down on you, or do not treat you with the kindness and respect that you deserve, then distancing yourself from these individuals may sometimes be best.

Finding Your Space

We talked about distancing ourselves from people who do not have our best interest at heart, which we understand may feel like a bit of a drastic measure… But hey! Remember you are here for you and your well-being. What’s the point of someone being in your life if they’re not there for you?
“Finding your space” can mean different things to different people. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way of doing this, however, it may sometimes lead you to some place darker before you’re able to truly recognise and feel the peace and freeness from the draining void that anxiety drags with it.
Although this may sound like such a cliché, doing something you love will benefit you in endless ways. Thing is, sometimes we stop recognising why we enjoyed doing something so much. Let’s take music for a second. If you enjoy playing the piano, maybe now it feels just another thing to do when bored… Something you once treasured. Could it simply be that the darkness around you has lead you to emotionally neglect yourself? Remember the why… The feeling… And remember the magic each piano key creates.

Calming Your Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety is not as easy as some might think. Sometimes, we find ourselves getting triggered by very random events or situations. Having no control over when or why it kicks in and how it makes us feel is possibly what makes anxiety so revolting.
As time goes by, you start to get an idea of what may or may not trigger your anxiety, however, this can hold us back from pushing ourselves out of fear of getting intense anxiety.

What can trigger severe anxiety?

  • Build-up of stress and exhaustion.
  • Toxic friendships and/or relationships.
  • Loneliness
  • Change or uncertainty.
  • Feeling under pressure.
  • Financial and housing problems.
  • Struggling with self-love
  • Other mental health issues

A Routine That Homes Your Soul

Something that we really believe in is a self-care routine. In fact, we’ve covered this before in our Self-Care Routine article. A self-care routine is made out of actions/tasks that bring you peace and serenity whilst helping you relieve yourself from anxiety and negative energy. You see, finding your space & calming your anxiety is more of a personal journey.

To create a routine means to create a space where you dedicate yourself fully to healing, re-energising and showing love and appreciation to yourself. It’s a way of breathing in new and positive energy whilst exuding your anxious thoughts along with any negativity and unloving thoughts that you’ve been carrying with you.

We hope you found our Finding Your Space & Calming Your Anxiety post helpful. If you’re looking for more positivity, check out our 10 Motivational Quotes To Keep You Positive article.

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