PR: Personalised Tote Bags by Eartton

Some time ago, I received a personalised tote bag from Eartton.
Eartton is a London based brand that specialises in hand personalised cotton tote bags. I had a nice chat with the team behind behind Eartton, and I simply love the dedication and passion they have for creating these personalised bags.
Use a cotton tote bag instead of a plastic bag next time you go shopping!
1. How and why did you choose ‘Eartton’ as the name of your brand?
I chose Eartton because it is made of 2 words, earth and cotton. It shows the purpose of this brand. ‘Earth’ represents what I’m passionate about; sustainable living, finding eco friendly alternatives, etc. Ergo cotton tote bags.
Hopefully, making them pretty and exciting will encourage people to shift their choices away from plastics bags, which would make a small yet a very important impact.
2. For how long have you been running Eartton?
It actually started long time ago. My family used to craft, sew and decorate all sorts of things. Growing up in that environment shaped how I see things, and it made me appreciate hand made items.
It always made me so happy when I saw someone blushing when gifted a huge flower bouquet crafted by my family. It made me so proud of them and I always imagined I will follow their steps but haven’t thought about it until the beginning of this year.
When, unfortunately, the pandemic affected the whole world, it also made us see clearer than ever of the impact we are having on our planet. Moreover, it was such a difficult time because we couldn’t see our loved ones, so sending them a small personalized gift was a great way to connect and share our love. I decided to start selling the totes to make that special someone smile again and help the planet at the same time.
3. What sets you apart from other brands?
I think the main difference can be seen when comparing with ‘big brands’ and large-scale companies. As a small business, you really put all of yourself into what you present, because it also represents you.
I care about each product I make and I imagine this will be a gift for a family member, a dear friend, or a little treat for yourself. This fuels me to put that extra effort whilst hoping that it will meet the buyer’s expectations and bring joy and happiness to whoever receives the tote bag. All the effort, time, and care that’s put into creating a product is unique to small businesses, and I’m proud to be a part of them.

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