I Watched Beyoncé Live at The Renaissance World Tour!

BEYONCÉ Live At The RWT Cover

Beyoncé finished the European leg of her highly anticipated Renaissance World Tour and has now kicked off the US leg. I’m so psyched over the fact that after over a decade of following her music and career, I finally got to live out my dream. I watched Beyoncé Live at the Renaissance World Tour in Amsterdam, and it was beyond exceptional.

Jas at Renaissance

Silver Superstar: Preparing For The Tour & My Outfit

This has been possibly my number one dream, and truth be told, I was unsure whether I was gonna actually get to ever see Beyoncé live. Once the Renaissance World Tour was announced, I knew I had to buy the tickets and make it happen no matter what. I’ve been following Beyoncé since I was around 10 years old (I’m now 24!) and to not see her now on this tour was not a choice I was gonna live with.

So obviously, as you can imagine, I wanted this experience to be perfect. I wanted to look good and feel good about myself. I was not gonna give anxiety a chance to overshadow my experience. Y’all know, the Beyhive knows how to dress, and baby so I did!

I wore a metallic silver crop top with a cut-out on the shoulder, metallic silver shorts, my black heeled ankle boots, lots of bling bling and a massive metallic silver glasses. I felt like a superstar walking into the arena, a space filled with people who loved and psyched over Bey as much as I did. It felt correct!

Arriving At The Stadium 🪩

As we got all dressed up and ready for an unforgettable night, we took the metro and made our way to Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam. It was so fun seeing other fans dressed up in silver. You could instantly spot who was going to the show, and it gave me such good feelings.

We got off the metro and before queuing to enter the stadium, we first made a stop to buy the merch. I was really really hoping to get a hand fan, but sadly, they were all out. That said, I got myself a cute tee which I’ll very likely frame. 🤣 Still keeping my fingers crossed for those fans to be available online at some point though! 😅

Anyway, we made out way to our entrance and got our Circle B wrist bands. Once you get in, there are a few food and drinks options—we got ourselves a portion of fries and drinks since it was still a bit early, after that, we proceeded to enter the stadium and eagerly awaited for the queen.

Let me tell you, the anxiety was real! I kept telling myself “remain composed”, “have fun”, “don’t film every second and enjoy the show”, and quiiitteee a lot of other things whilst waiting 🤣 As you can imagine, after over a decade of waiting, I was actually in front of the very stage where Beyoncé was gonna come out and perform on within a matter of an hour.

Let’s say I wasn’t worried of fainting from the overwhelming experience… but the thought did run through my crazy head! I saw it happen on Youtube, and this was my dream since forever… 🤭

Dangerously in Love: The Beginning

Stunning visuals of the sky covered the massive screens on stage—this was the moment…. The show has begun.

Everything lead to this moment. The piano keys started playing the beautiful notes of Dangerously in Love. I was mesmerised—lost in the moment and  eagerly awaiting for Bey to appear on stage. Suddenly, her voice fills up the stadium, “Amsterdam…. I love you” she says whilst she’s elevated from underneath the stage wearing a gorgeous red dress. I could not hold my tears… As she sang Dangerously in Love, everything just felt so surreal… so perfect… and so magical. I cried, and I cried hard… The indescribable emotions I was feeling were definitely overwhelming… A life-long dream was unfolding before my very eyes… I still get goosebumps and watery eyes whenever I remember how deep this moment was for me.

She kicked off the show performing slow hits like Dangerously in Love, 1+1, I Care amongst others—as well as a rendition of River Deep Mountain High as a tribute to the great Tina Turner. Bey’s vibrant and resonant voice left the whole stadium in awe. 

As Queen B changed into new attire, out-of-this-world visuals filled the screens. Now of course, I’ve already seen all this on the hundreds of videos on my instagram feed, but to witness the visuals in person… speechless. The cinematography work was exceptional—even writing about it now, I still feel unable to put into words what I saw with my eyes. The amount of detail and artistry put into every scene of the clips is extraordinary to say the least.

As a matter of fact, I do believe that these visuals will be released in some sort of a film format. They’re just too good to simply be backdrops for the tour.

The show then continued with Beyoncé commending the stage with performances of songs from her latest show-stopping album Renaissance, starting off the main act with I’m That Girl, Cozy & Alien Superstar. Amidst all the breathtaking performances, I think two of the hottest moments were I’m That Girl and later on when she came out in her hot pink Ivy Park outfit and performed Cuff It, Energy & Break My Soul. This happened to be the very first time she wore this outfit and I’d say that it’s one of my very favourites. That aside, Bey looked as gorgeous and radiant as ever in it, giving very sexy and fierce Jessica Rabbit vibes.

Another highlight of the show which I think many of Bey’s fans were also eagerly waiting for is when Blue came up and danced alongside her mother. Apart from this, I was dyingggg to see Beyoncé perform her iconic Crazy In Love. Ugh, I wish I could relive this moment over and over again. 

Another moment which I was eagerly waiting for was for the performances of Heated and Pure/Honey. These two are my favourite tracks from Renaissance alongside Energy. Heated was a moment that I’ll forever remember. The crowd was living and the song is just so fun!!

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Beyond the music, this tour held a special meaning, at least for me personally. It paid homage to the vibrant and resilient LGBT+ community. This brought an even deeper level of meaning to the live experience. As I stood there, surrounded by thousands of others who shared my admiration for Beyoncé, I felt a profound sense of unity and empowerment. It felt right and priceless.

The Renaissance World Tour was not just another tour; it was a an unparalleled experience for all the fans that witnessed it. Aside from this, it allowed me to live out my dreams of finally watching Beyoncé perform live. This experience and its memories will be a staple in my mind forever. It was truly inspiring, and it has given me motivation and determination to reach for the stars and embrace the power of my own voice. I’ll use these memories as a constant reminder that dreams do come true. They truly do.

In this moment, I want to express my deepest gratitude to Beyoncé. Your artistry and advocacy, and the impact you’ve had on me and countless others is immeasurable. From the depths of my heart, thank you, Beyoncé.

Yours truly,
Jas Rolyn

Beyoncé Live at The Renaissance World Tour

Have you watched Beyoncé live at the Renaissance World Tour? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below! 🐝

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